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Three Sources Report on Ajax politician being sued for multiple defaulted loans, losing council seat, Charity Issues and Campaign Donations

Is it time for the Province to step in and have an independent investigation done by the OPP into Mr. Ashby’s activities and court proven indiscretions? Are these activities habitual in nature?  Currently a 15 complaint/affidavit was lodged with the Town of Ajax before the municipal election  in Oct 2014. Of the 15 items only 3 were being addressed due to the cost factor as requested by Martin DeRond the Town clerk. This was verified by the Integrity Commissioner earlier and at the Ward 1 Meet and Greet Meeting last week by Ward 1 and 2 Regional Councillor Shaun Collier and Ward 1 Councillor Marilyn Crawford. The results are to be presented to Council on April 9, 2015.

If the Town of Ajax was aware of all the activities that Councillor Ashby was involved in why would they only investigate 3 of 15 items in the complaint? Also, if the Ajax News Advertiser would have published the 15 documents presented to them well before the debates and election would people have voted differently? 

Do you feel it’s time for all concerned people, Ajax residents and Ontario residents to step up and make their voices heard to help Lori Klamann and the others to get their money back, to apply pressure on Mr. Ashby, and make the Provincial government accountable to investigate and change the current inadequate laws for politicians? 

See the posts below and voice your opinion and express your thoughts!

By Daniel Otis GTA section of the Toronto Star – March 16, 2015

Renrick Ashby lost his Ajax council seat on Monday after filing an incomplete election finance statement.

A town councillor since he won a 2008 byelection, Ashby is also currently being sued for allegedly defaulting on loans totaling nearly $300,000 — much of that, he claims, tied to his failed efforts to open a flashy nightclub across from Ajax town hall.

In addition to his political career, Ashby is also a full-time planner with the City of Toronto, where he earns more than $100,000 a year.

Ontario’s Municipal Elections Actrequires political candidates to file a post-election financial statement. Ashby, who filed his statement one minute before a 2 p.m. deadline on Friday, failed to fill out his statement in full. With expenses and contributions both exceeding $10,000, Ashby also failed to file a necessary auditor’s report.

“The financial statement submitted by Renrick Ashby, the elected Councillor for Ward 2, was incomplete and not in compliance with the financial filing requirements under the Municipal Elections Act,” Martin de Rond, Ajax’s director of legislative services and information services, said in an email. “As a result, Mr. Ashby forfeited his Councillor Ward 2 seat and the office is deemed vacant.”

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 Karem from Voices of Ajax – Ajax Ride 4 Youth – My Questions:

Each year Councillor Renrick Ashby (He has earned his own category now) has a charity ride Ajax Ride 4 Youth and this charity ride is to raise funds for scholarships at UOIT .  This ride has been in place since 2008 but according to the Canada Revenue Website The Ajax Ride for Youth was registered as it’s own charity foundation in 2012.

Why did it only become a registered charity in 2012? All my questions are being sent to the contact for Ajax Ride for Youth, Melody Ashby for response before this blog is posted.  — Please see the response below, it was received today at 4:53 pm.  It does not directly answer my questions so if you have any, please take your questions to Renrick as well.  I had emailed the Foundation contact who is Melody Ashby but I have also sent an email to Renrick directly.


Kurtis MaClear – Website

This isn’t good news for Councillor Ashby

So, remember when Councillor Ashby said that his issues with the bar have no relation to him being an Ajax Councillor? well that wasn’t fully true.

Mohamed Karatella, one of the men suing Mr. Ashby over the bar, also donated to Councillor Ashby’s re-election campaign in 2010. Karatella donated $250.00, which made him one of the largest individual donors to Mr. Ashby’s 2010 campaign (one other person donated $250.00 as well).

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s written clear as day.

Here is Renrick’s 2010 Statement

Here is the recent article detailing Mr. Ashby’s troubles:

Councillor Ashby has yet to file his 2014 financial statement.

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